To go to Walt Disney World or not??? This is the question that many people are asking right now. We have a trip scheduled soon, and emailed a castmember friend as to his opinion. He is a manager at one of the resorts.  Here is his response, we thought more people might like to know some of this content:


Good to hear from you again.  I'm glad to hear that you'll be coming down soon, and I assure you, there couldn't be a better time to come.

The nation has suffered an enormous tragedy this weekend, and we here at the world are no exception to the national feeling of sorrow and downheartedness.  But that doesn't stop us!  We're relentless in our pursuit for the happiness of our Guests and Cast Members.  A few key points to share with you:

1)  Security here has been visibly heightened.  We are questioning EVERYONE who drives through the gates of the resorts:  Where are you going?  Who are you meeting?  What are you going to do? What is your reservation number? Where are your vouchers?  We are logging the names and ID numbers of all cabs that enter the property.  We are performing random bag checks on Cast Members, and even some Guests I believe.

Perhaps the most reassuring aspect of WDW Security's heightened alertness, are the K9 Units.  We now have 5 dogs who are trained by the Orange County Sheriff's Department.  They are trained to sniff out suspicious packages, backpacks, strollers, etc. and detect bomb materials inside.  The dogs are on call 24-7 and can also be used for crowd control like when Pleasure Island needs to be cleared at night.

2) Personally, I believe that there probably isn't a better time to fly!  Now that's a bold statement, but consider this:  Airports are like fortresses now, and you have to arrive at least 4 to 5 hours before your flight.  We have MANY MANY Guests leaving things in their rooms and at the front desk such as: Pocket Knives, Tools, Sterling Silver Knives, and the occasional Samurai Sword from Arribas Bros. @ Downtown Disney.  No one is getting on to a plane with any of that sort of paraphernalia, so they leave it with us.  Also, the FBI, FAA, etc. are arresting their entire watchlist on sight.  A few of them managed to get onto planes after the fact, but they were incarcerated before the plane left the terminal.

3) Four words for you: 100 YEARS OF MAGIC!!!
      Even though the tragic events of this week were upsetting to most of our Guests from around the world, we believe that we owe it to our Guests and ourselves to start the Celebration on time. And so we will!!!  New attractions, new pins, new shows, and best of all, new PARADES are all great reasons to come now.  It's an exciting time, and it's the perfect time to be here.  As with all great tragedies, there comes a time when you must move on to the next step.  What better way to boost your spirits than with a trip to Disney during the FIRST WEEK of the Celebration of a lifetime!?!?!  

      As you can imagine, many people are currently sharing your thoughts.  Many Guests have postponed, if not completely canceled their vacations.  Some due to flight restrictions, some due to fear, and some out of necessity to be near their families during this horrible week.  What this means to you is: a better chance to get that BoardWalk view you're aching to have.  There will also be shorter lines.  Many Guests who are checked in are simply waiting for delayed flights to leave and don't have park tickets.  Now, HOPEFULLY by the time you come, they'll be gone, but it's also our regular slow season, and as I'm sure you know from past experience, it's absolutely GORGEOUS down here now!

Well Terry, I really hope to see you soon.  If you all choose to drive I'll understand why, just as long as you get here.  

I'll leave you with a quote from the man himself.  I'm not usually one to quote people, but I just got a book of famous Disney Quotes, so now I'm on a fling.  It sort of touches on our sentiments across the nation now.  Walt said this after World War II, but it's still valid:

"Once a man has tasted freedom, he will never be content to be a slave. That is why I believe that this frightfulness we see everywhere today is only temporary. Tomorrow will be better for as long as America keeps alive the ideals of freedom and a better life. All men will want to be free and share our way of life. There must be so much that I should have said, but haven't. What I will say now is just what most of us are probably thinking every day. I thank God and America for the right to live and raise my family under the flag of tolerance, democracy, and freedom."

...that said...

I'll see you soon!  Great to hear from you!


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