As part of the Millennium Celebration, The WDW resorts and theme parks are taking part in Pin Trading! See our pins here. (more pins added 9/9 - I'm so far behind in my scanning of new pins!!!)

We've met so many great castmembers and guests pintrading...Click here to meet some.

NEWSFLASH:  Pin Trading was originally suppose to be a Millennium event, but as it's become so popular (and I'm sure profitable) Disney has now decided that Pin Trading is now a Disney Tradition! So it's here to stay!

The background here is the Animal Kingdom LE 2000 pin set. 

The main Pin Station is just behind Spaceship Earth, between Innoventions in Epcot Center. But you can buy and trade pins pretty much ANYWHERE on WDW property. Specifically pin stations are set up at: Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney, MGM Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Wide World of Sports Complex & The Boardwalk.  Where ever you see a Castmember wearing a lanyard with pins on them, you can trade.  They were making one rule while we were there, no "name" pins. 

Be on the lookout for Castmember pins, pins that were given away and couldn't be bought. Pins with errors or limited numbers were popular.  Check the lanyards carefully, you never know what you might find. Some report finding 15th and 25th anniversary pins!

There were pin stations at the Boardwalk, Downtown Disney, MGM, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, etc.....

This is the Pin Station located on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom. You can see the Lanyard on the Castmember's neck. You can also trade with other guests if you want! It was a fun thing to do. It gave us a new "mission" since we've been there so much. (That and taking all these pictures for the web site!) Be sure to attend
the Daily Pin Seminar in the Expo Hall at 1pm.

 If you get a special hard to find pin Email it to us and we'll post it on here!

We got to go to a special Annual Passholder event at the Millennium Village at Epcot Center. It was just held for 2 nights in October 1999, and they said they weren't doing it again. (Well see about that!) They gave away special AP Epcot Millennium pins.  Everyone wanted to trade us for those - We didn't.  My wife proudly displayed hers. I gave mine to my daughter - she's so spoiled. I don't know how she got that way.


Here's my wife at a pin station at the Boardwalk. 

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