The Magic Kingdom has to be our favorite park. If you take a trip with kids, how can it not be??  Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Carribbean, and yes, Even Small World are much better shared with the children. 



...Remember the Magic

<--Here we are arriving in the morning at the most magical place on Earth! (In our matching T Shirts even!)

New! Click here to see a treasure we didn't even know we had from 1976!


Magic Kingdom Map

Main Street USA




Liberty Square

Tomorrow Land

Mickey's ToonTown

Click on the section of the Magic Kingdom You'd like to see. We've got ride summaries, and pictures all around the Kingdom.

Character Greetings around the "Worlds"

Storytime with Belle

 SpectraMagic Parade from 1997

Share a Dream Come True Parade 2002

What's That Sound?

What's That Sound #2?

My family calls this picture "Two Goofy's"

Partners - At Night with the Castle in the Back.

Partners, in the daytime - one of the biggest photo spots in all of the 4 parks. 

The 25th Anniversary Castle with the Great "Partners" statue in front of it.

When we went to the Kingdom in 1997 during the 25th Anniversary there were many special events. My Daughter and granddaughter got these special badges commemorating their first visits to the Magic Kingdom. We also have pictures of the 25th Anniversary Park Hoppers.

Character Autographs are a very popular feature for children to collect to remember meeting that special Disney Friend.  Here's a small collection of some of the autographs my Granddaughter has gotten. If you plan on getting autographs, make sure you've got a Fat pen (the characters have a hard time holding on to thin ones) and you have the page all ready for them, because those big character fingers have a hard time with the pages.

Character Breakfast at the Crystal Palace - with Pooh and Friends! Lunch at Cinderella's Castle.

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