In June 2002 my wife and daughter took a trip to Disneyland, here's some sights of things that do not appear in WDW. Click on thumbnails for larger picture.

Alice in Wonderland Ride

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum



Mad Hatter Sign

Mad Tea Party

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Back of Castle

View from Carosel

From inside Castle

Inside Castle

Golden spike from just the back entrance of the Castle

View from the front of castle down main street

Standing next to partners, see how close Tomorrowland is!

Entrance of Snow White

Dopey in Snow white ride

Storybook Gardens, night time cruise

Storybook gardens

Storybook Gardens

Small world was closed for refurb. Took these pics from the Train

Small world

Small World


Amber, Gracie and Natalie on the Teacups

Trying not to spin

Roger Rabbit, Toontown

Toon Town Train Station

Blank Sign

From Train Ride

Near the Castle

Matterhorn / Monorail

Other Side of Matterhorn

Mickey's House

Mickey's House

Mickey's House

Mad Hatter

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