We've met quite a few castmembers in our travels. We're getting to be old friends with some! Here's some pictures of some of our friends, and others who were just friendly and helpful at their attraction, and helped in making our trip enjoyable.

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Amanda and Traci from the Gift shop at All Star Movies. 4/02

Here we are with Amber - she was a friend of ours who just got a job as a CM!! Next time someone takes a survey, it may be Amber!! If you see her, let you know you saw her pic. She'll love it! Rock On Amber!

Amelia, Tiffany, Amy, Brad & Ashley at Le Cellier in Canada.

 Conductor Jack! He gave a great tour of the MK Railroad. If you see Jack tell him you saw his tour on our site!

Leighton - he also works at the Boardwalk Pin Cart. He's our pin buddy!

Jamie - She works at the Boardwalk too!


Scott, formerly of the Boardwalk, now he's at the Contemporary. Well he was... now he's at All Star Movies! He sure moves around a lot!

Holly, she works at the pin cart at the Boardwalk, or in the Screen Door General Store. We stop and look for her on every trip!

Jenn - She gave the backstage tour of the AK Safari

Garden Grill castmembers


Big River Grille Works

Jamie -  Prime Time Cafe at MGM

CJ - castmember from Lunch at Cinderella's Castle

Schbert - Always helpful at the Boardwalk

Rob - Hoop Dee Doo Revue castmember

This castmember drove the bus in the Wilderness campground that took us back to Pioneer Hall for the Hoop Dee Doo Revue

Bennie from Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular


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