500 Favorite Things to do at Walt Disney World 

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1. Walking in the front gate and getting that first glimpse of the Castle at the beginning of your trip. -Kerri  /  Walking through the gates of the Magic Kingdom, and feeling Walt Disney's spirit inviting you to come and play...Dezaraye   / LOOKING AT MY KIDS FACES WHEN WE WALK IN THE FRONT GATE AND SEE THE CASTLE! IT'S THE MOST AMAZING THING!!  Jill /  IS TO SEE THE GATE! - Andrea / Running to the gates of the Magic Kingdom from the bus stop only to stop and stare in wonderment of what is ahead of you - Julie /  Arriving at the gate, knowing that you are about to be given a million different things to do, each of which can be totally special in its own way. Greg

2.  Shopping at the Emporium. - Kerri / Shopping for attraction merchandise - Stephanie / Walking around and shopping. Especially for pins. - Lucky

3.  Eating Pop Corn on the steps of City Hall in the Magic Kingdom - Dean / To eat WDW popcorn while sitting in a rocker at Tony's and watching MSEP - Mickeymom

4. Ride the monorail upfront once and all day - Dean Barnett / Sitting up front with the driver on the monorail. Shelly / Riding in the nose of the monorail and getting the "Pilot's License" for the kids - Daddy Doug / Testing the monorail driver's knowledge of the park. TJ  / Riding in the cabin of the monorail with the driver.  David  / When the conductor of the Monorail pulls you out of line and lets you ride up front!   "Susan24șoș"

5.  Thanksgiving Dinner in Cinderellas Castle !  ABJ's Mom"

6.  Petting the little animals at the Conservation Station. - Alana

7.  Taking your kids for their first pony ride at WL.- Alana

8.  Searching for the howling wolf inside the Haunted Mansion (you hear him outside for quite a distance).-Pam

9.  Lunch or dinner at Mitsukoshi Teppanyaki at the Japan showcase is a must - Carole

10.  If you're lucky enough to be there during the holidays, the Candlelight Processional is awesome - Carole / The candlelight processional at EPCOT during December--Steve / The Candlelight Processional at Epcot...when ""Joy to the World"" is performed, every hair and goose bump on my body stands up! - Tyler

11.  Taking pictures of my daughter while she hugs the characters. - Mickeymom / seeing all of the disney characters - Zack /  Seeing adults getting autographs from the characters (yes, I get those autographs, too!) - JD / Getting autographs and pics with ALL of the characters  - Joe  /  Get your pictures taken with all the characters.(You arent to old!) Jenny  /  Watching my grandkids faces at the character greetings Terry / Get as many character autographs as you possible can...no matter how old you are! - Elicia / Hearing my sons' laughter as they interact with a character!-Tammy  / Dressing the kids in costumes to go character greeting. - Bennet  Dunlap / Taking the kids to Camp Minnie and Mickey at AK. to meet the characters - Tamara

12. Drink from the talking drinking fountains at Epcot! - David

13.. People watch. - Shelly

14. Play and win the Adventureland Challenge at the Magic Kingdom. - Rosemary /

15. Go to E-ticket night at the Magic Kingdom. - Rosemary / Having the park to yourself (or feeling that way) on E-Ride nights! Laurie  / Going on Splash mountain, space mountain, thunder mountain and the haunted mansion so may times during an E night that it feels wrong not having to line up!!  Laura, London, UK!

16.  After finishing a ride, running around to the queue to ride it all over again. - Penny

17. Twinkling lights in the pavement at Epcot - Penny

18.  Watching the character parades - Ann P / Seeing my 3 year old daughter's face when she first saw Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet in the parade, that brought happy tears to my eyes. And then seeing that same reaction later that week when she turned 4 and had breakfast with them.  L's Dad  / Watching the parade everyday, and waving and cheering on all of the performers Kris  /

19.  Feeding the animals at the Petting Store  before heading into River Country - Ann P

20.  Sundaes at Beaches and Cream (Yacht and Beach Club) after Illuminations - Tracey

21.  Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party in December - Tracey / Ruldolph flying from the castle at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! Lisa

22.  Scream your head off on the Barnstormer! WooHoo!! - Drew :o)

23.  Hanging with Donald Duck in Mexico - DonaldD23

24.  Breakfast at the Castle - Susie    / Breakfast at Cinderella's Castle and watching my daughters eyes open wide at the sight of the princesses. - mike / Eating at Cinderella's Castle with my mom - Jenna

25. Watching Tinkerbell Fly - Susie

26.  Take the Family Magic Tour at MK - Aileen

27.  Swinging in the hammock at the Poly watching the fireworks and water Pageant - Aileen. / Watch the Fantasy in the sky Fireworks and water light Pageant from the Polynesian Beach. - Rachel

28.  Actually convince myself that I will be able to see it all in one week - Wish I had Eisner's money - Ross.

29.  Getting to MGM on an early-entry day and riding TOT 4 times in a row! -  Tanya / Sharing the 13 story drop of the Tower of Terror with my husband. What a thrill!!!!!! Charlotte : ) / Riding the Tower of Terror with my 77 year old Dad--Steve / The pause before the first drop on TOT  -Edward  / Ask ""Are we gonna drop NOW????? " in a terrified voice while in the library at MGM's Tower of Terror!!  - Jessie L / Riding Tower Of Terror and ExtraTERRORESTIAL with my oldest daughter Dad W  / RIDE THE TOWER OF TERROR OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!  MELISSA  /  :tower of terror - Liz / Center seat in the Tower of terror - Ian /

30.  Going on the Extraterrorestrial Alien Encounter - Stephanie / Alien Encounter - Tigger :o) /  Trying to convince myself that THIS TIME Alien Encounter wont be as scary as the last time... - Nadav

31.  Watching the fountain show at Epcot - JD /The fountain at Epcot -  Marie / Sitting watching the fountains at Epcot dance to the Christmas music - Mary Z / Watching the fountain at Epcot ""dance,"" . Janette

32.  Doing the Trivia Challenge with the Minaglia's and getting 12 passes - Emily

33.  Walking into the Wilderness Lodge Lobby - Baz

34.  That first monorail ride to The Magic Kingdom - Baz /Getting off the monorail at the magic kingdom and hearing the train whistle. - Rich / Getting off the monorail at the Magic Kingdom, walking down the ramp with my wife and son, and saying "I can't believe that I am here!!"  MAS Delaware

35.  Seeing an outdoor movie at Fort Wilderness    - Rosemary

36.  Disney Quest - Rosemary

37.  Hoop-De-Doo Revue and pizza and Pioneer Hall at Fort Wilderness. -Rachel / Taking the family to the Hoop-De-Do Review. John and Becky Maloch

38.  Having Captain Angelo make my two kids humble on Breathless - a speedboat ride. - Frank M.

39.  Being Stars at the Sony Superstar of Television (boy do we miss that) - Frank M

40.  Go resort browsing by the boarding the wrong bus on purpose discovering new aspects of the parks you had never seen before - Eilonwy /  Resort hopping at Christmas time to see all the WONDERFUL holiday decorations! Ginger, the 1000th Grim Grinning :) Ghost  /  Resort hopping! - Marie

41.  Getting to the park before it opens just to take in the morning air and dream - James


43.  Watching children jump and play in the fountain at Downtown Disney - Mike T

44.  Breakfast with the characters at Hollywood and Vine at MGM - Nick M. / Eating Breakfast with Disney Characters Every morning - James / Character Meals - Tigger  / Character Breakfasts with my favorite Mouse.. The one the only Mickey Mouse!!! (and yes I did that before kids) LOL - Mouselover

45. Watch AnDMation create Donald Duck balloons in front of the Animation Gallery at MGM. - Nick M. 

46.  Riding Journey Into Your Imagination with Figment and the Dreamaker - Whitney

47.  Forgetting My Real Age - Amanda / Acting like a kid! Kathy  / Being able to make myself 40 years younger by just walking down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.  JohnB / It Makes EVERYONE feel like a kid - Jean

48.  Watching the Reflections of Earth, Illuminations 2000 - Mike /  Watching Illuminations from the terrace at the Rose & Crown. KathleenFL / Watch Illuminations Fireworks from your BWV balcony! Crissup

49.  Riding the Little Ferry from MK to GF to Poly to MK.... - Linda B

50.  Breakfast with the most wonderful Mad Hatter and Alice at 1900 Park Faire - Linda B

51.  Take in all the different smells, from the Lobby of the Polynesian to the orange smell in Horizons, to the smoldering smell in Spaceship Earth - Brian

52.  Just Being there with my Husband and 2 yr old daughter, Shelby - Max / Just being there - Fantasmic

53.  Dream about going there again - Sandra / Being able to be a kid again and planing on coming back when you haven't even left WDW yet. Oh yeah and Tom Saywer's island that place is great. Dave and Sue H / Coming back over and over again and never getting enough! Pat / STARTING TO PLAN NEXT YEARS TRIP THE DAY YOU GET HOME FROM THIS TRIP....KATHY

54  Getting a Hug from Mickey - Bobbi / Getting a hug from Mickey - April /  Going to Toontown first thing in the morning to see Mickey before the line starts - Dedeqpon / My cousin and I getting our pictures taken with Mickey. Kristina / Picture of Donald Duck &  Mickey Mouse - Evee  / Mickey Mouse - Beth /  IS TOO SEE MICKEY MOUSE - Andrea /  Meeting Mickey Mouse and Seeing My little brother's and Cousins Eyes Light up when we meet him. Spens /  Seeing Mickey Mouse  James Davies / Meeting the big cheese for the first time and crying my eyes out!!!! Beth E.

55.  Staying at a resort and never having to drive anywhere. - Bobbi

56.  Attending The Not So Scary Halloween Party, and riding the rides over and over again without having to stop - Mommyeeyore.

57.  Taking in all the sights and sounds of WDW for the first time - Poohbear /  Taking a loved one there for their very first time so I could show them all the wonderful things I have told them about. - Diana  / Taking your grandson for the very first time and seeing his eye light up with delite. Donny  / Getting goose bumps while watching my daughters face as she enters the magic kingdom for the first time. Stacey  / One of the most memorable things for me at WDW was being a part of my brother and father's first trip to EPCOT and MK...it was like they were both 9 years old...I guess I just love how Disney makes everyone feel young and creates magical moments for little kids and big kids alike Carolyn / Taking friends to WDW and watching them enjoy the Magic for the first time. Joseph E Teano  / Walking through Fantasyland of the Magic Kingdom to see children laughing and smiling warms my heart and brings a smile to my face everytime. Fantasyland is the first thing I think of when I think of Disney. Jessica

58.  Standing With Walt and Mickey in front of the Castle - Poohbear  / Seeing Walt and Mickey together in front of Cinderella's Castle holding hands.  Chefstm

59.  Singing along at Jellyrolls on the Boardwalk -Toni / An evening at Jelly Rolls and singing until I lose my voice. Patty 

60.  Watching my kids play at Legoland at the Marketplace - Toni

61.  I have yet to go - so I'd say Dreaming about how wonderful it will be when I get there - Kimmie

62.  Going into the Haunted Mansion - Dedqpon / Watching how excited my husband gets when waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion!  - SSY  / To go on the haunted mansion and see what a great ride it is. Kyle  / haunted mansion-  Liz  /  Riding with Emily (my grandaughter) on Runaway Train (Thunder Mountain) and hanging on to her so she can put her arms up in the air and yell like a wild person Aason.  /The Hitch-hiking ghosts. Laina 

63.  Walking around the Marketplace after dark when the little lights are twinkling in the trees. Debra

64.  Eating at the Sunshine Season Food Fair food court- Debra 

65.  Playing in the water "fountains" outside of Ariel's grotto- Booky

66.  Riding in the back car on Thunder Mountain! Best seat for a GREAT ride!  Sarah /  Riding Big Thunder Mountain at night - Jamie / RIDING BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN. Richard Price  /  Riding Big Thunder Mountain at night and hearing the coyotes - Katy

67.  Eating sushi at the California Grille J.S.

68.  Splash Mountain!-April / Reaching the top of the HUGE drop on Splash Mountain - Lauren / Riding the front left hand seat of SPLASH MOUNTAIN :) șoș Fantasmic  / TWO WORDS: SPLASH MOUNTAIN - dreamer / Riding Splash Mountain! - Jimmy / To step on the little boat of Splash Mountain after the 1/2 hour wait. But It's always worth it. Rick Duis / Flying down that 5 story drop at splash mountain Zack

69.  Starting the day with my Mickey wake-up call.. KathleenFL

70.  Getting to perform in a Disney Parade with my high school band! #1 Disney Fan

71.  Watching my daughter point to anything magical while she exclaims ""Mommy Look!" -Pamms

72.  Getting teary eyed and feeling patriotic in the American Adventure (love the voices of Liberty)-Pamms / Getting teary-eyed in the American Adventure Karen  / Sitting on the floor of the American Adventure watching American Vybe perform...INCREDIBLE!! -AJ

73.  Horseback riding through the trails on a crisp fall morning with my husband. Charlotte : )

74.  The Electrical Light Parade down Main Street (cool) Kristina / Watching the Main Street Electrical parade from Main Street. Barb / Watching the electric light parade and then the fireworks following the parade.. tiffany / Watching The Main Street Electrical Parade with your family while basking in the moment wishing it never to end..."  - MickeysBestPal /   Sitting on the sidewalk on Main Street waiting for the Electric Parade to start."  Jenn and Alex / Getting a Curbside spot at the Entrance to where the Main Street Electrical Parade and watching the whole Parade. I used to love it but now now it is at Disney's California Adventure. Spens

75.  Watching the Cinderella Castle at night from the Contemporary Tower- Laina / Lying in bed odd number room MAGIC KINGDOM side tower room at the Contemporary, 3 o clock in the morning looking out at Cinderella castle Stinkerbell & PUMPKINHEAD  / Champagne from the top of the Contemporary as the fireworks go off at the MK. Doctor Don

76.  Enjoy the Streetmosphere in World Showcase - Crissup / Watch the Streetmosphere  - Denise

77.  Being the first in line on the backstage tour (at MGM)  and getting chosen to be a part of the show...and getting soaked!!! :)  Becky and Jason

78. Watching the Preshow entertainment for Fantasmic. Those guys were hilarious!!! Becky and Jason

79.  Walking into the lobby at the Polynesian. - Will

80.  Filling your refill drink for free every day! - Scraphappy

81. Getting wet at the Little Mermaid show! Scraphappy  / Go see Voyage of the Little Mermaid!!!!!! Nick

82. Watching the commercials the week or so before your trip and getting all teary eyed! - Tammy

83.   SPACE SHIP EARTH Epcot - Randy / The moment in Spaceship Earth where the Omnimover vehicle turns around and you find yourself riding backwards, staring up at a beautiful starry sky Clayton / Riding on Spaceship Earth at Epcot. Robert

84.  Eating ice cream on Mainstreet   USA.     Sue șoș in IL /  Eating an ice cream while waiting for the WDW Railway! Pat / Sitting in the shade having a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar anywhere in the WORLD!  Me Stig / Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream!!!! Delicious!!! Pat  / Soft-serve vanilla ice cream at Mrs. Pott's cupboard. - Pete / Eating Strawberry Swirls and lemon slushes at that great ice-cream place between Starlight Cafe and the Pooh ride, next to Belle's Storybook Area! "Lucky"  /  Eating one of the Mickey Mouse shaped ice creams - yummy! Barnesy

85.  Watching the Muppets 3D - including the preshow!       Sue șoș in IL

86.  Sitting in a rocking chair at Aunt Polly's and watching FrontierLand across the river. Bianca
Aunt Polly's ice-cream floats on Tom Sawyer's Island - Eileen / Taking the raft to Tom Sawyer Island and eating at Aunt Polly's  Beth

87. Eating Smoked Turkey Legs at Frontierland! Carmen  / Eating Smoked Turkey Legs - Mark

88. Find castmembers from your country, and have a chat with them! Carmen  / Talk to the cast members - have fun with them, especially in World Showcase They love it!!!! Samantha

89.  Taking my kids pictures by the snowmen at the Christmas store in MGM Studios, either the snowmen are shrinking, or my kids are growing. Barb

90. Playing in the Leap Frog Fountains by Imagination in Epcot. Barb

91. Riding the Rockin' Roller Coaster 8 times in one day with my boyfriend (with the wonderful fast pass!)  Ticia / Going on rockin' roller coaster featuring Aerosmith Nat~ and Chris~  / To walk into MGM and see the sites and sounds and then hang on for a ride on the Rockin Roller Coasters what a thrill Trentebagao / Ride the Rock and Roller Coaster (can only take it once a day) Frank șoș  / Going in to the ROCK'n Roller Coaster feeling my age ( 50) and coming out feeling 15! Marie / Riding Rock 'n Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror with my dad.- 101Dalmations / Riding the new Rock n Roller Coaster for the first time with my son, Nick! - SSY  / Riding Rock and Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror 5 times in a day - Nadia Morales / Is get in line for the ROCK N ROLLERCOASTER AND TOWER OF TERROR at MGM over and over again all day. - Leigh Riewold / Is to ride SPLASH MOUNTAIN AND SPACE MOUNTAIN at Magic Kingdom. - Leigh Riewold

92. Getting a picture taken with my boyfriend at the wishing well (Magic Kingdom) every time we go to Disney World. Ticia

93. After working there for 4 months on the college program and realizing how much of an impact you have on people.  DAKODF  / Work on the Walt Disney World College Program! - Jenny  / Working on the College Program Fall 2000 in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom and having the best roomies of 1907 at Vista Way!!!! Beth E.  /  Meeting lot's and lot's of new people from far away places while working on the WDW college program.........especially my roomies of 1907!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachel / Watching my son work at Pecos Bill's while on the WDW College Program. MAS Delaware" / Being a CP at Casey's Corner over Christmas & New Year's 2000 and sharing the magic with other families since mine was so far away! Carolyn  / Being a CP Fall 2000 Living at Chatham Square & seeing the jealous faces of the Vista kids when they came to our parties. 7103 Rulez!!! - Jon ""HAL"" The Bellhop / Being a cast member at Oscar's Super Service in Disney MGM-Studios, Melissa (CP Spring 2001) - Melissa

94. Cirque De Soliel, what a treat!- Eileen

95. Watching my 10 year old perform "Friend Like Me" with Genie at the Soundstage in MGM.   Eileen

96. Walking out of the Magic Kingdom at 2 am on the 4th of July.  Nicole

97. Eating at so many good restaurants: 1900 Park Fare, Japan, Outback, Columbia Harbour House, Crystal Palace, Rosie's (the best hot dogs), etc, etc, etc... Nicole.

98. Eating at the Rain Forest with my husband - Teri

99. Taking the boat ride from Dixie Landings to Downtown Disney at dusk.- Teri

100.  Being selected from the audience to be part of the World Showcase Players hilarious act at the UK in Epcot, or just watching them!   Auntread

101. Watching the steam train go by and wondering what the maximum speed of that turkey is.  Aason

102. Walking towards Main Street USA on our first day - Evan

103. Eating at El Pirate Y El Pireco after we rode Pirates of the Caribbean - Evan

104. I have to say the ultimate thrill is being one of the few in the MK at night. I used to stand in front of the castle, listening to the music of MainStreet and thinking about how lucky I am to have been a part of the Disney Magic. "Remember the Magic!" șoș DznyPrincess

105. Being excited when the alarm goes off at 6:00, after 5 hours sleep, and feeling great. Only at Disney World! Becky W.

106.  Learning interesting facts as you are walking through Main Street with your sister who was a past cast member. Jackie

107. Getting stuck in front of the floating bride in the Haunted Mansion. (not a good experience LOL ) Jackie  / Waiting to see the betrayed bride in the HAUNTED MANSION  Jayme Scott

108. Opening the door to your room on the first day. Denise

109. Planning for a year before you go!  Denise

110. Eating beignets at Port Orleans....absolute HEAVEN!!! Ginger

111. Being on the roof at the Contempory for the evening fireworks with the monorail going over. Barb

112. AndyMation at the MGM Studios at 11,12,1,2 & 3. Great shows M-F. 

113. The Adventurer's Club...""KUNGALOOSH"" Christopher"

114. Sitting outside of the Polynesian lobby near the check-stand. Watching the people, smelling the smells, and admiring the foliage.  Jennifer /  Having a pina colada at the Polynesian Tambu Lounge. Jennifer

115. Drive from the hotel to the world  - Toto_g

116. Making new friends in line or finding old ones that are CMs. Kim

117. Going to the cookie station right before the end of MVMCP with a bag, and filling it with cookies. Kim 

118. Enjoying the Fantasy of the Mouse  Marty in Akron

119. Riding in the first seat of Space Mountain! Venita  /  I am so excited to ride the TOT AND Splash Mountain and Space Mountain!!! - Leslie /  Riding in the last seat at Space Mountain! - Alicia / Screaming on my way through the blue tube at Space Mountain.- TJ  /  Riding Space Mountain and the Tower of Terror!  Lacey / HAUNTED MANSION AND SPACE MOUNTAIN AT MAGIC KINGDOM - FaeryGodma / Riding Space mountain 300 times - Nat~and Chris~  / RIDING SPACE MT  - RICHARD PRICE  / riding space mountain with the lights on-ganny / RIDE SPACE MOUNTAIN 20 TIMES A DAY BABY  ..... YEAHHHHHH!!!!!" - Marcqus / Making faces to the camera's on that long trail exiting space mountain  Nadav : )

120. Finding Hidden Mickeys.  Venita  / Finding Hidden Mickey's - Brent / Finding all the hidden mickeys. - Rob Ontell

121. Leaving the "real world" outside the gates. Chris  

122. Being flirted with by Tigger at breakfast!- robnrhonda

123. Landing at Orlando airport. - Grover P  / As the plane flies over WDW and lands in Orlando (the airport rules) Dreamer

124. Falling in love with that Disney Magic every time we visit. It is like coming home Lady & Roo / Feeling like you are in the most magical place in the world! Kathy  / Feeling the magic!! Heather

125. Seeing how excited your son gets when he gets to be Chef Of the Day at the Crystal Palace. -Michele
/ Brunch at the Crystal Palace at the end of Main Street-  Daddy Doug  / Lunch at the Crystal Palace with Winnie and friends - Ed And Laura

126. Seeing my oldest daughter ring the dinner bell at WL Whispering Canyon -Charlie

127. Watching Fantasmic too many times to mention with my 5 year old daughter.- Charlie  / Watching Fantasmic!! The best thing in the World!! Beth / Sitting in front row of Fantasmic / eating dinner at the Hollywood and Vine on our 15th wedding anniversary then going to the Fantasmic show Dave & Sue H /

128. Resting and relaxing in the small "theater area" just in front of The World of Disney shop, gazing across the lake while my wife and daughter shop. -Jamie

129. Watching the fireworks show over the castle at night and listening to "Remember the Magic" while watching the beautiful parade- Angel1215225  /  The spine tingle while watching fireworks over Cinderella's Castle at MK - Gary & Caroline  / Watching the fireworksa nd the castle as it turns colors on a beautiful starry night at tomorrowland dizneylova4eva  / The beautiful view of my castle at night. Beth 

130. My favorite part of the DisneyWorld experience is the light parade which we have to get a front row for (ask my family) and dining at Sci Fi Theater at MGM. Joanie

131. Seeing the ""Walt Disney World"" sign for the first time from the road!  Diana 

132. Waiting for Emily and Mitchel sitting under the carousel at the Board Walk (and Kerri too). - Grandpa and Grandma 

133.  Doing a behind the scenes tour and knowing about test track before it was built (still have ID badges!). -  Angie and Terry  / We took the behind scenes tour and were amazed at how much goes on to run the show. Tom 

134. Taking in the breathtaking view from the top of summit plummit, then dropping down at 60 mph - WDWnut

135. Riding a water mouse all around the Epcot Resort Area - WDW nut

136. Being over entertained by the Boardwalk Buskers. I laugh way too hard. David

137. Seeing a cast member lanyard several yards away and trading with them. Lucky  / Trading and looking at everybody's pins - Trentebago  / I like to collect pins - Reagan

138. Working at WDW & being a character, I love to make everyone's favorite character's come to life through me,  it's the greatest feeling in the world. - Belle

139. Ride the rides, and EAT! EAT! EAT! :) (yummy) Veniti

140. Riding Star Tours With my youngest daughter for the first time. Dad W.

141. Seeing your grandson so happy to be in the Magic Kingdom.  Donny Keith

142. Spending time in a resort -Tigger


144. Sharing an ice cream cone with my 2 year old daughter in the Ice Cream Parlor at the end of Main Street on the right. The same place my wife and I shared an ice cream our first trip to WDW.  - Disney Dad 

145. Making a wish at Cinderella's fountain behind the Castle in Fantasyland with my girlfriend. - Chefstm

146. When the ghosts get into your car at the haunted mansion. AUGHHHH!- Bigfan  /  Making room in the DOOMBUGGIE for your hitchhiking ghosts!  DY

147. Riding Peter Pan's Flight with my wife and my best friend (also known as my son) Nick! - DY

158. Meeting Mary Poppins in the courtyard behind the gift shops across from the rose & crown...we do it every trip...it's practically perfect in every way!  Eric l diamond

159. Strolling slowly--hand-in-hand with my wife as our kids skip in front of us--back to the beach club after another wonderful evening in epcot!  Eric l diamond

160. Having dinner at BONGO's in Downtown Disney.  Paul and Annette

161. At 30 years old, waiting in anticipation for my parents to return from their WDW Vacation. 

162. Stopping at the DISNEY WELCOME CENTER in Ocala and picking up all the Disney brochures -Disney Dad

163. Singing "It's a Small World" while on the ride with my daughter Emily.-PLW  / Ride ""It's a Small World"" until you know the entire song by heart!!!!! - Elicia / Spending ten minutes in It's a Small World, then spending the rest of your life trying to forget the tune !" - Ray / Riding Its a Small World at the Magic Kingdom. - Robert / Going on It's A Small World & watching my daughter instead of the ride !!!  Joe Croney"

164. Reading all the graves while waiting in line at the Haunted House. - PLW / Reading the ""tombstones"" at the Haunted Castle - Palma

165. Eating pineapple Dole wips in Adventure Land in the Magic Kingdom - Jessie & Sean 

166. Riding the Haunted Mansion at night!  - Pat (Leota)  / To see all the rides at night lit up and especially the haunted mansion at night is so cool to look at it has such a cool glowing look to it. Kyle

167. Cooling off and taking a rest in the Country Bear Jamboree with my daughter using my lap as a pillow. Me Stig / Seeing the Country Bear Jamboree - Denice / THE COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE...GOTTA LOVE IT. Ursus Bear

168.  Holding hands with my husband in MGM, making our way to the Great Movie Ride on the first night we get to Disney!! - Laurie / Waiting in line for any ride that has awesome effects to its area... just adds to the magic of the ride! Especially the Great Movie Ride at MGM!  Lacey / The wonderful, exciting feeling of first sitting in the ""Great Movie Ride"" cart - Randy

169. Breakfast at Tony's Town Square, eating the hot cinnamon roles while waiting for our fritata and watching the crowds rush madly up mainstreet. Jim Catterton  / Eating at Tony's Restaurant as our first meal of the trip Dizneylova4eva  / Eating at Tony's Town Square where I got engaged - Cicco

170. Going to Blizzard beach late in the day after one of the afternoon showers, the crowds are all gone leaving the entire waterpark as your personal swimming pool. Jim Catterton

171. Being on the bus/monorail anticipating the park you are going to be experiencing soon!! - Anthony

172. Character Breakfast at Animal Kingdom! The food is WONDERFUL!!!   Anthony

173. Watching Tapestry of Nations at Epcot - Jenni  / Tapestry of Nations  - Nadia A. Morales  / Watching Tapestry of Nations and Reflections of Earth  - Cicco

174. Seeing Tigger at the Hall of Fame in Magic Kingdom - Jenni

175. Fast Pass tickets!!! A lifesaver!! - Ed and Laura


177. Watching your ""cool"" teenager turn back into a child again.  Robin

178. Seeing Steam Boat Willy in person & and just the way it makes everything wonderful again  - Dezaraye McKinley 

179. Enjoying the most wonderful place on earth with my soul mate, my husband!!!!.......Dezaraye McKinley

180. Walking around the grounds of the Wilderness Lodge at night with my husband and listening to the crickets chirp. Jacquelyn 

181. Being at Pleasure Island on New Years Eve with my husband and welcoming in the new Millenium together.  - Jacquelyn

182. Walking along the Boardwalk hand in hand with my wife on a cool autumn evening. - John B

183. Seeing WDW through the eyes of my children. Tom 

184.  To see all the happy faces -  John

185. The preshow at Honey I Shrunk The Audience. It makes me cry everytime.KMchar1

186. Listening to Off Kilter in the Canadian Pavilion..these guys rock!  kmchar1  / Having my 10 year old daughter ""drag"" me up to dance with her to Off Kilter. Alan

187. Slowly walking down Main Street taking in everything. - Dana

188. Shopping around the World Showcase at Epcot. It's fun to buy things authentic to that country. Dana

189. Walking to Epcot from the Boardwalk, getting a Guinness at the Rose & Crown, sitting on the lagoonside patio and taking in the sites of World Showcase. Mike & Carrie

190. Trying to find the tiny residents (lizards) of the model train village at Germany in World Showcase. Mike & Carrie

191. Spending my Senior year Spring Break at WDW with my 3 Best Friends. Kate CP

192. Being at WDW on December 31, 1999.The fireworks were spectacular. Kate CP


194. Eating a caramel apple from Main Street at 9:00 in the morning. Renee

195. Act like you are 8 and don't care what adults think about you... play with Mickey and Friends - Renee

196. Eating at 50 Prime Time - Mark 
Going to MGM to the Prime Time and seeing Mom/Barb having a few laughs catching up on all the news of her family and having a good meal. Wendy & Barry

197. Lingering in EPCOT until everyone has left, and it seems like you're the only one in the park. Amy 

198. Sitting in the lobby by the piano player at the Grand Floridian. Amy

199. The entire experience of being in a magical place - Jenna

200. Seeing the BATS at Animal Kingdom - Denice

201. Strolling through the "Streets of New York City"" at MGM on Christmas Eve- snow falling, music playing; it's magical! - Lauren / Walking through MGM at night during Christmas and looking at all the lights and when it snows on New York Street!  Kelsey

202. Waking up on Christmas morning to find little stockings on our hotel doorknobs.  Lauren

203.  Seeing the backside of  water on the Jungle Cruise - Palma

204. Arrive to Dixie Landings Hotel and go directly to the food court and enjoy a great plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Grisel Absher

205. Take a lot of pictures of your kids while they have fun and enjoy the magic, one of them will give you comfort when you receive your credit card bill. Grisel Absher

206  Remember the Magic' Parade at MK - Gary & Caroline

207  Driving up the drive to the Boardwalk... Terry  / Pulling up to the front door of the Board Walk Villas on the first day of our vacation. Joseph E Teano

208. Knowing life doesn't get any better then this. - Edward

209. Be the FIRST PEOPLE OF THE DAY on Countdown to Exctinction at Animal Kingdom (we've done it twice!!). - Jessie L 

210. Eat a 8.99$ hamburger" Captain EO

211. Go around asking everyone, ""Wheres the Captain EO ride ! - Captain EO

212. Go to the Japanese Pavilion and go to the second level and eat at the Yakitori House. It has the best food in Epcot!!!!! - Jon K

213. Stay at the Disneys Dixie Landings Resort it is the best resort in Disney World!!!!!  Jon K. / Returning home to Dixie Landings (PO-Riverside) - SandyșoșG

214. Being first in line at the hayride in Fort Wilderness and having the driver ask my daughter to sit up front and help drive the horses. - Sue

215. Being able to stay at the Toy Story resort, and meeting Buzz and Woody in MGM Studios, for my four year old son, who was simple ecstatic. - Sue

216. Eat rice krispie treats and chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick from the Confectionary Shop on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. Faith

217. Bounce with Tigger on the Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh ride. Faith Z

218. Looking at all the gardens, topiaries and flowers at Epcot. Beth 

219. Being there and remember: if you can dream it, you can do it! Wanda Guasp-Yimet

220.  Just everything!!!!Wanda Guasp-Yimet /  EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! - Julie / EVERYTHING WDW HAS TO OFFER! From the shows, to the rides, to the resort you stay at, everything! The atmosphere is truly MAGICAL! - Antonio

221. The chocolate moose at the French cafe. Bigfan

222. Doing something nice for a CASTMEMBER and watching their face light up. Stinkerbell & Pumpkinhead

223. Participating in the Frontierland Hoedown on my last day at Disney.  Kris

224. Working at downtown disney's Pleasure Island and West Side  Rachel

225. After a long day, just sit back and watch as the little kids in the Mickey ears walk by. Samantha / Seeing all of the kids in their mickey ears - Katy

226. Eating breakfast outside on the porch at the Old Key West Resort and watching early morning golfers play. David

227. Eating a Beaver Tail in Canada, Apple and Cinnamon, Mmmmmmmm. Alan

228. Seeing all 7 Dwarfs together in Germany before the Tapestry of Nations parade and getting my children's and my best friend's children's pictures with them. It was adorable! -  PATTI

229. Watching the Huncback of Notre Dame and the curtain falls and you see Quasi ringing the bells for the first time.- AJ

230. The Hot Tub at the Contemporary Hotel - Jane

231. The human statues at Epcot  Jane :-)

232. Walking around epcot at night with my sister while munching on glazed almonds. Karen

233. Waving your napkin during the party song at chef mickey's-Ganny

234. Working at the Tower of Terror....HTH FOREVER!!! - Jon ""HAL"" The Bellhop

235. Having a drink at every country in the world showcase at Epcot - Pete

236. Listening to Cosmic Ray at the Tomorrowland Eatery (Yew Nork Yew Nork!!!!) Randy

237. Taking the 55 mph descent on Slush Gusher. - Leigh

238. Taking a ride on test Track and Dinosaur. - Leigh

239. One Mighty Party at Disney MGM Studios!!!!!!!!! Tyler

240. Watching kids faces when they come off a ride, and understanding that for them at least, Magic really happens - Ray

241. Always reserve a water view room so when you're resting, you're looking right out on a lake. Now, that's vacation! - Denise

242. Anticipating my upcoming honeymoon at Dixie Landings and remembering all the amazing things I've done there in the past and showing them to my new bride!!!! Colin

243.Have castmembers recognize YOU from previous trips! Lucky

244.Getting Tonga Toast (big fried french toast) at the Coral Isle Cafe. - Brent

245. Going into the Queue area of Splash Mountain and seeing all of the animals in their homes. - Jimmy

246. Standing with your family watching Fantasy In The Sky at the Magic Kingdom, a very special time..." - MickeysBestPal

247. Hide-and-go-seek in Magic Kingdom - Ian

248. At  Christmas time the snow on Main Street catching it on your tongue. Mary Z

249. The Grand Floridian  Julie

250.The minute I decided to go to WDW, I start researching on the web. All these great site with all new info. I do a different Disney every time thanks to you guys! - Ada /

251.The week before flying to WDW. I feel like a Wonder Woman. I can do anything and feel this enpowerment. no matter what happened, how crazy real life is.... I know I'm going to Disney World in a week! Yay. :) Ada

252. The Kilimanjaro Safari, the animals were cool - Sharon

253. Taking hundreds of pictures Sharon

254 Feeding the turtles and having a drink at the Banana Cabana at the Caribbean Beach Resort on our honeymoon!  Karen

255. Being totally delighted by the 3D show "It's Tough to Be a Bug "   Karen

256. To get back to your hotel and lay down after an exhausting day at Magic Kingdom  - Rick Duis

257. Eeyore - Beth

258.  Coming home to the Yacht Club, being greeted by Capt. Bob when you come in the door, and then seeing all our friends/cast members waiting for us and taking us up to our room. Wendy and Barry

259. Entering Main Street and smelling a mixture of popcorn, fresh cookies and excitement and realizing that just that morning you were in London... Laura, London, UK

260.  Singing ""A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME"" in the boat for the entire PIRATE'S OF THE CARIBBEAN ride." - Jayme Scott

261. Having a ""Disney Moment" when a cast member pulled us out of line to go to the front to ride Buzz Light Year - Lady & the Tramps

262. Driving up to the gate Of Walt Disney World..ahh the magic!  Susan24 / Driving under the Walt Disney World archway when we arrive, trying to get a picture through the windshield of the car. - Lisa / The anticipation of driving in the car on the way to the magic kingdom! Barnsey

263. Being in the Indiana Jones show! I had so much fun!! - Lisa

264. Anything that brings an smile to my daughters face. - Julie

265. Pleasure Island!!!!!!!  - Randy / Going to Pleasure Island and watching Frankie and the West End Boys! - Rosie / Go to PI, west side, and downtown Disney!  - Ashlee

266. Eating dinner at the Rose & Crown while watching Reflections of Earth on the first night of our honeymoon! (What a memory!!!) Greg


268. Studying the animals carefully in the TREE OF LIFE! - Denise

269. Sneaking out the back entrance of the RFC after a relaxing breakfast and going into the AK!!  Denise

270. Giving Living with the Land in Epcot the same humor as the Jungle Cruise in MK by sitting up front and getting a great captain. - Lil

271. Taking pictures of the unfortunate footwear fashion choices some people make  See http://BadShoe.com Bennet Dunlap

272.. Sitting under the Cinderella's Castle on my first honeymoon night until well after closing and feeling we had the place to ourselves Colin

273. Early mornings at Dixie Landings  Doctor Don / Early morning walks at Dixie Landings to get coffee.  The Haringa's

274. Getting up in the morning at the resorts and knowing I'm at the happiest place on earth! Beth

275. Eating the cookies at magic kingdom. - Beth

276. See spectromagic!  - Nick / Spectromagic Parade - Jessica & Tigger

277. Looking at the widow displays of ""the hunchback"" on main street u.s.a. Tyrone

278.  Shopping at the Christmas themed stores.  Tyrone

279. The huge audio-animatronics riverboat at the end of Splash Mountain with all those cute critters Clayton

280. Staying at Port Orleans Riverside and getting free soda at the food court. Kara

281.  Finding Goofy, he's very scarce  Kara and Meghan

282. Hunchback of Notre Dame - A Musical Adventure - Denise / Watching the Hunchback of Notre Dame over and over again.... then meeting some of the cast backstage afterwards!  - Kelsey

283. Dancing in the parade with Minnie,Donald, and the prince. It was super. Mak Tammy


285. See the moving trash cans at Ak - Ashlee

286. Finishing dinner at Alfredo's in Epcot and walking out after the park has closed. - Rich

287. The World of Disney - Jean

288. Going to the "drive-ins" with my family in our brightly colored convertible at Sci-Fi's. - SandyșoșG.

289.  Checking into a Disney Resort, turning on the TV, and hearing the narrator of the Disney information channel say ""Your Disney fun has just begun!"" Of course, its a horrible thing to hear on the day you check out!" Harry

290. Take a while to hear the sound of magic. Adrian

291. The pool at Wilderness Lodge, especially the end where the water flows over the rocks and into the pool. Diane

292.  Being treated like royalty because my husband and I were there on our honeymoon.  Diane

293.  Go ""cane"" fishing at the Dixie Landings fishing hole on a warm sunny morning.    The Haringa's

294.  Entering Old Key West Resort and having them Say..""Welcome Home""..There right..it is home!  Susan24

295. Sitting on the Bowardwalk like I am at home & feeling like it is home!!! Joe Croney

296. Staying at Epcot till everyone leaves where it's just you and your family walking down the streets with the twinkling lights and the enchanting music still playing." Kristen

297. The smell of the Pirates of the Caribbean." " Kristen"

298. The new Share a dream come true parade at the magic kingdom.." Sue

299.  Seeing Mickey and Minnie walking arm in arm down main street.. "Sue" 

300. Going in Mickey's house -  James Davies

301. Going to the Magic Kingdom and seeing the castle one last time before leaving :("  Melissa"

302. The music of Disney - Debussy in France, Gershwin and Berlin in America, Ann Murray in Canada...and the countless musicians in the parks - ...it creates its' own rhythm. Janette

303. Seeing all then rides again Jon

304. Eating at O'hana in the polynesian resort." "Jon" "

305. Visiting every shop in the Magic Kingdom, looking for anything Goofy! John and Becky

306. Staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Eating at the Boma Restaurant!! Just hanging out with the Safari Guides learning about the animals and the African Culture. Melodie

307. Seeing your children's faces light-up when in the parks! - Melodie"

308. Relaxing in the lounge at PO Riverside and listening to Bob the Piano man. Bob and Kathy.

309. Just plain relaxing at the parks and taking in the sights and sounds  Bob and Kathy"

310. Walking on the board walk during the night and joining the festivities" Andra-Lynn

311. Going and riding all the rides at night at MGM, there awesome!!!  - Andra-Lynn"

312. Taking a nap inside the Enchanted Tiki Room!"  "Steve"

313. Topping the night off with a smoothie from Fourty-Thirst Street at Downtown Disney."  Jenn and Alex

314. Telling myself and others that when I grow up I'm gonna work there!" Monica a.k.a. Tink&Belle

315. Watching peoples faces while they first walk in!!  Monica a.k.a. Tink&Belle

316. Eating smoked "alien legs" at The Lunching Pad and then going on Space Mountain! (or maybe the other way around!) Jamie

317. Being scared by the Haunted Mansion castmembers. - Rob Ontell

318. Dale Robinson - spend time with family at a place where all ages of family can have tons of fun - Dale Robinson

319. Photographing my family and friends AND the attractions year after year....even though I tons of them!! - Symantha

320. I'm an insomniac, so, when we stay at the Yacht Club, I love walking along the Boardwalk in the wee hours. It's as if the lights are there for me alone. - Valerie

321. I love chatting with the Cast. They are always so much fun. - Valerie

322. Meeting my hero Buzz Lightyear. (he's very tall!)  - Rosie

323. Packing, buying last minute things and trying to go to sleep the night before. - Heather

324. Mickey's Toon Town when my handicapped son (in wheelchair) was escorted through the back door to see all of the characters privately for as long as he wanted to stay. I've never cried in public since I was a kid. Tommy's Dad

325. Hotdogs at Casey's - Jessica

326. Staying in the Fort Wilderness Campground and riding bikes - Stephanie

327. Going to the Contemporary, taking our own family photo on the giant Mickey Head........then mailing these out at Christmas..........my how my children have grown..........and what memories we have as a family!" -Stephanie Neill

328. Watch the people drink that nasty Italian soda in that Coca Cola thing in Epcot GFunk & Swizz

329. Going to Mechico-Meghans homeland! - GFunk and Swizz

330.  Watching my daughter fully clothed play in the jumping water and get totally soaked. priceless  Tammy

331. Lengendary customer service. = Rob n Rhonda







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